01.07.2007: Added several more photos from the "Between Two Worlds" photosession.

30.11.2006: "I" will not be touring as of now. In January, the band will be shooting a video for the track "Cursed We Are", which will be directed by Tommy Næss.

22.09.2006: Great news for all Abbath fans! The mastermind of "I" and Immortal will haunt the Nuclear Blast Shop in Donzdorf (Oeschstr. 40, 73072 Donzdorf, Germany) for an exclusive signing session! The event takes place on October 4th from 17:30 to 18:30 CET. And of course the session will be backed with the right music: the "I" debut "Between Two Worlds" which gets in stores on November 3rd. Be there!

19.09.2006: Previews of two songs ("The Storm I Ride" and "Cursed We Are") from the upcming "Between Two Worlds" are available at the band's official MySpace page.

11.09.2006: The band has launched its official website at the following location:

08.09.2006: "I"'s debut album "Between Two Worlds" will be released worldwide November 3rd through Nuclear Blast Records. Tracklist:
  1. The Storm I Ride
  2. Warriors
  3. Between Two Worlds
  4. Battalions
  5. Mountains
  6. Days Of North Winds
  7. Far Beyond The Quiet
  8. Cursed We Are
There will also be a limited edition with two bonus tracks: "Bridges of Fire" and "Shadowed Realms". The album was recorded in Lydriket Studio in Bergen (Norway), and was produced by Ice Dale.

Photogallery is opened! Have a look at a couple of promotional photos and live photos from Hole In The Sky Festival 2006.

31.08.2006: Both onstage, at their debut performance at the Hole In The Sky Festival, as well as at the pre-show, media-only press conference, "I"/Immortal frontman (as he will continue recording and playing with both outfits, thus being "Between Two Worlds") Abbath made sure to stress that the track on the new album, "Far Beyond The Quiet" was written in honor of the deceased Bathory mastermind, Quorthon. Demonaz, the former Immortal guitarist and lyricist who had to bow out of that band due to ongoing hand problems, composed all the lyrics for "I"'s "Between Two Worlds", claiming to have attempted to write in the Swede's style.

26.07.2006: "I"'s debut album is now ready for mastering in Sweden, and will be released later this fall by Nuclear Blast Records. The album will be called "Between Two Worlds". Get ready for a masterpiece, "I" really can't wait to let you hear this gem!

21.07.2006: "I", the new band featuring Abbath (Immortal), Ice Dale (Enslaved, Audrey Horne), TC King (Sahg, ex-Gorgoroth) and Armagedda (ex-Immortal), have completed the work with their debut album, due for release through Nuclear Blast Records this autumn. The album was recorded in Bergen's Lydriket Studio with Geir Luedy, and Peter Tägtgren just completed the mix of the album. The album will be mastered in the beginning of August, so the countdown has seriously begun. Seriously - THIS ALBUM WILL KICK YOUR TEETH IN AND BREAK YOUR BACK! Abbath's vocals and licks, Ice Dale's fantastic guitar work, TC King's groovy basslines and Armagedda's insane drumwork... Heavy, groovy, melodic, atmospheric, heck - call it even catchy - THIS ALBUM IS A MASTERPIECE! "I" WILL PLAY LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME AT BERGEN'S HOLE IN THE SKY FESTIVAL AUGUST 26TH! For more info: Hole In The Sky

02.06.2006: "I" will be appearing live at the Hole In The Sky Festival in Bergen, Norway August 26th, 2006 along with Celtic Frost, Sahg, 1349, Morbid Angel and many more.

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